David Antonelli was born in 1963 in Chicago and moved to Canada in 1972. His first student film, The Chalk Elephant, was finished in 1987. After this he made three student films from 1988-1990, La Toyson D'Or, Dreaming, and Forever, which were recently compiled into a 2004 DVD collection Love and Vision. La Toyson D'Or played at the Edmonton Fringe Festival in 1988, and Dreaming was cited amongst the three "most important works" of the 1989 Montreal International Student Film Festival by Cinema Canada magazine. Lucifer Gnosis is his fifth film and first non-student production. His first feature film was a documentary about Austrian clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner which has been selected for the 2006 Calgary International Film Festival. In 2009 Inbetween premiered at the British Film Festival of LA. Currently he is working on a feature-length drama based on one of his novels, The False Man. Click here to download his latest novels including The Narcissist, The False Man, The Forest, The Mountain, The Candidate, and Inbetween.